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            Anhui Hongtai new energy equipment Co., Ltd., is the manufacturer and system solutions focused on clean energy field of complete sets of equipment, first-class enterprise service providers, is a research and development, production of clean energy of complete sets of equipment and auxiliary equipment of the professional manufacturers. The research of the full range of joint scientific research institute and many famous university. Our company has the rich research and development, production of various kinds of clean energy equipment and auxiliary equipment of the historical and practical experience, to include electronic, petroleum, chemical, textile, food, medicine, electricity, machinery, metallurgy, coal, household appliances and other industries to provide high quality, clean energy equipment with high technology content. Research and development is committed to natural gas, hydrogen, nitrogen gas, liquefied petroleum gas, oil and gas and other special equipment and related products. Product design using computer aided design (CAD). Advanced technology, perfect quality assurance system, customer service quality service warm. The company relies on advanced science and technology, strong R & D team to make the product innovation, according to the special requirements of users of non-standard products from pre-sales technical support, to product selection and delivery have run a system.

    The company production equipment, perfect detection means. Design, production of the products are mainly used in liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, petroleum gas, oil casing gas, ammonia, methanol, two butadiene, ethylene chloride, methyl bromide, freon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and hydrogen transportation pressure, and recycling, the company has rich CNG and LNG station design and construction experience, to undertake station design and construction technology of pipeline installation, submit a quality and efficient EPC engineering. And supporting research and development of HTYC intelligent remote control service system, the realization of the field, station equipment all-weather 24 hours of remote intelligent control.
    Anhui Hongtai New Energy Equipment Co Ltd in good operation mechanism and harmonious enterprise environment. The combination of a large number of have both ability and political integrity, innovation, hard work, excellent talents full of youthful spirit of the professional design, production, sales and after sale service. And established a sales network covering the whole country, after sale services take 24 hours of commitment system, in order to facilitate the design institutes, the vast number of users and the installation unit selection. I plant with a dedicated telephone sales, welcome to contact us. I will wholeheartedly provide first-class products and service for you.