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    Well head gas, associated gas, casing gas equipment:
    At present, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and the use of clean energy, oil discharge air, Well head gas, associated gas well, casing gas, crude oil, stable gas tank top gas must be recycled, and has high economic value. At present, generally have a way of using the following:
    1, the use of compressor pressure, casing gas inlet pipe, the centralized processing of oil gas mixing transportation. This process is widely used in Zhongyuan Oilfield and Shengli Oilfield, Changqing oilfield. Oil casing gas recovery dedicated compressor is my factory according to the actual characteristics of oilfield development series of non oil lubricating compressor unit, the unit by compressor, inlet air filter, a gas-liquid separator, oil backflow device, automatic control system, measuring system, explosion proof electric motive etc.. The machine can be made into a skid mounted, mobile, car mounted according to requirements of users.
    2, each small dispersed source summary of natural gas pipeline in the vicinity of compressor to use.
    Using the characteristics of casing gas compressor
    Firstly, according to the casing gas enters the compressor pressure, automatic driving and parking set compressor;
    A pressure controller in the compressor exhaust end of compressor, overpressure, automatic parking.
    In the inlet end is provided with a filter and a gas-liquid separator, in order to ensure the gas enters the compressor to a clean gas;
    The unit is equipped with oil backflow device to ensure the safe operation of the compressor;

    The unit can be matched to the casing gas flowmeter, the recycling of accurate measurement.