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        Natural gas fueling station refers to the compressed natural gas (CNG) form to the natural gas vehicle (NGV) to provide fuel to the tank and filling the place. Compressed natural gas as alternative energy use one of the most idealcar, its application technology by dozens of years of development have become more and more mature. It has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, no pollution, safe and convenient to use and other characteristics, is increasingly showing a strong development potential.

        The content of methane gas in general more than 90%, is a very good car engine fuel. At present, the natural gas is recognized as the world's most used alternative fuel gasoline, diesel reality and technology mature vehicles, natural gas vehicles have been widely used in many cities in the world and in china.

    Natural gas pipeline in general after the first pre purification treatment, the removal of gas in the sulfur and water, and then by the compressor pressure will be compressed from 0.1-4.0Mpa to 25Mpa, and finally to the vehicle through the sale of gas filling machine.

    Filling station classification:

    General according to whether the pipeline natural gas scale or near region, can be divided into standard station and sub station as the parent station.