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      BOG, light hydrocarbon recovery equipment  

           Light hydrocarbon is also known as natural gas liquid (NGL), covering C2~C6+ in composition,containing condensate oil component (C3~C5). Light hydrocarbon recovery refers to the natural gasthan methane or ethane and heavier component in the liquid form of recycling process. The purposeis to control the hydrocarbon dew point of natural gas to achieve the quality index of commodity gas,avoid the gas-liquid two-phase flow; on the other hand, liquid hydrocarbon recovery has great economic value, can be used directly as fuel or further separated into ethane, propane, butane orpropane butane mixture (liquefied gas), oil and so on, also can be used as chemical raw materials. If the gas reinjection to maintain reservoir pressure, enhance oil recovery, but also should be as far as possible the removal of C2+.

          Contains light oil in a large number of casing gas and oil associated gas, have high recovery value, light hydrocarbon recovery device of our company design and production of the oil situation specifically for the design, the device is divided into four units
    1, gas purification unit
    2, the refrigeration unit
    3, light hydrocarbon unit
    4, light hydrocarbon recovery unit
    The specific process is that the casing gas or tank top gas pressurizing throttle pre cooling, and then by propane cycle refrigeration,
    Gas cooled to -30 DEG C, the temperature, under a certain pressure, gas component in the C2 the following component condensate into liquid recovery. The technology is currently the most mature technology of light hydrocarbon recovery. With the energy crisis, light hydrocarbon recovery price more and more high.
    Can also be based on user needs, the allocation of power generation unit and dry gas recovery unit, power unit with the running of the power supply device using natural gas, the cost is low, the lowest energy consumption, dry gas recovery unit adopts the compressor to dry gas (mainly methane) is compressed to 25MPa, bottle recycling, solution of a set of perfect thing.
    Device characteristics: integration make, the installation is simple; covers an area of small, flexible and convenient; low investment, quick effect; mature technology, high reliability.